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Jon (Can) Onaler, LCSW (he/him)

Licensed Therapist

Trained as a clinical social worker, I aim to create meaningful and long-lasting change in my clients’ lives. In my eclectic approach, I incorporate various coping techniques and treatment modalities to create the specialized care that my clients need.

During my decade long experience, I have treated clients with Anxiety, Depression, OCD, PTSD, ADHD diagnoses and those with relationship issues. I work with a wide array of client populations such as young adults, adults and the elderly as well as being inclusive of all gender identities, socioeconomic status and racial backgrounds.

I believe that with proper support, individuals can reach their full potential and become their best selves. In my practice, I strive to facilitate this transformation. By providing a safe, non-judgmental space, clients can freely express their unresolved issues, allowing us to resolve them and rewrite their life story.

Jon (Can) Onaler, LCSW (he/him)

Areas of Focus

ADHD, ASD, Anxiety, Depression, College Students

State(s) Licensed in

New York

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