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Yi Zhou, LCSW (she/they)

Licensed Therapist

In my practice, I play a crucial role in helping clients navigate the complexities of mental health challenges and various life transitions. Specializing in gender dysphoria and the intricate processes of transition, I provide dedicated support to individuals navigating these unique journeys. In recognizing the diversity of human relationships, I work with clients across various relationship forms, including those engaged in non-monogamous dynamics. My goal is to assist individuals, couples and families in achieving a greater sense of unity and satisfaction in their lives.

Although there are thousands of treatment methods and approaches, establishing a safe and trusting therapeutic rapport is often the core of effective therapy. Working with clients, I take a person-centered, strength-based approach. I like meeting clients where they are and helping them to set up practical and tangible goals that make the most sense to them.

Your feelings and emotional needs matter! We all have the capacity to heal, but we may not have been provided with the tools and space to do so. I'm happy to provide that safe space for you and support you on the journey of discovering yourself and pursuing the life you desire to live!

Yi Zhou, LCSW (she/they)

Areas of Focus

LGBTQ+, Young Adults, Minority Experiences, Couples, Trauma

State(s) Licensed in

New York

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